Written by Ghazali Mohamed

Football has be an ever evolving sport for a long time. Be it technology wise or small tweaks here and there in the rules, the beautiful game has been adapting to the modern times. From introducing the offside rule to changing back passing rules to introduction of VAR, football has been changing in ways that impacted the sport immensely. Most of the rule changes or new rules were done with the intension of making the sport a fairer game with less chances for refereeing blunders. While a lot of the new rules introduced have fans and football governing bodies at a clash of thoughts, with fans arguing that too many changes is going to ruin the sport. “Don’t try to fix something that is not broken” being used again and again. But now there has been another change which personally speaking, I am surprised there hasn’t been much reactions to it. Cause so far there was at least the small satisfaction knowing that all these new rules were in good intentions and now we have a rule which is exact opposite of one main tenet of all these changes – fairness, and I see nothing against it.

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